EPA Observes World Environment Day

-Urges Reduction of use of Plastic water bags in Liberia
The Government of Liberia, through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on Tuesday June 5, 2018 celebrated World Environment Day with appropriate programs in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.
In view of the significance that government attaches to the reduction of environmental pollution in Liberia, government declared a working holiday yesterday for the observance of the day.Meanwhile in Liberia, the day will be celebrated under the theme “Say No to Plastic Pollution”, while the global theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”
Raising awareness of the Day during the Regular Thursday Ministry of Information press conference of the ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and tourism (MICAT) on Thursday, Madam Frances Brown Seiydou the EPA Sectoral Planning Manager, who deputized for the Director General of the Environmental protection Agency Nathaniel S. Blama, said plastics especially water-plastic is taking over Monrovia.
Madam Seiydou intimated that the role of the EPA is to protect the environment and to conserve the biodiversity by implementing policies that ensure long term economic prosperity of Liberia through sustainable social and economic development.
“EPA also strives to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the potentials for the future generations. Very soon plastics especially water plastics will take over the city of Monrovia and the big towns across the country,” Madam Seiydou warned.
She said these plastics are their finding ways into wetlands, drainages and into water bodies including the Atlantic ocean thereby seriously causing pollution in Liberia, they block the drainage, destroy habitats and wetlands and adversely affect marine life in the ocean.
Madam Seiydou added that as a way forward, they have begun discussions with the Water Producers Association and the management of the various city corporations especially the Monrovia City corporation (MCC) and the Paynesville city corporation (PCC) on how to reduce its use or utilize them for other purposes in the country. (By John L. Momoh).

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