Police Probing Man, 25, For Stabbing Friend To Deat

Police in Margibi County are investigating a 25-year-old man for allegedly stabbing his friend to death in the provincial capital Kakata.
The accused is identified as George Quaqua, a senior student at the St. Augustine Episcopal Mission High School in Kakata.According to sources at the Liberia National Police Crime Services Department in Kakata, at about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 2, suspect Quaqua stabbed victim Cyrus Williams, also a 25-year-old man, following a heated argument over a girl during a Queen Contest at the St. Augustine Episcopal Mission School, resulting to a fist fight between the two.
Suspect Quaqua was later arrested in Kakata along with another student of the St. Paul Lutheran High School who was also expelled from the St. Augustine High School, but he (Quaqua) admitted that he committed the crime alone and that his friend did not play any role in the murder.
Suspect Quaqua said he and the late Williams, a resident of the Mandingo Quarter Community in Kakata, entered into an argument after a girl that he (Quaqua) is affiliating with was allegedly insulted by the victim and the Liberia National Police was called to probe the matter.
The police resolved the matter between them, Quaqua explained, but said when they left the police station and went back on the campus of the St. Augustine Episcopal Mission School where the school’s annual Queen Contest was still ongoing, they entered into another round of argument about 4:15 a.m., leading to suspect Quaqua allegedly stabbing Williams.
Victim Williams received multiple stabs from his attacker, suspect Quaqua, causing him to die, according to Police investigation.
Suspect Quaqua has been transferred to the Liberia National Police Central Office in Monrovia for fear of an angry crowd invading the police local station in Kakata.

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