Stop Undermining Government’s Efforts

ONE OF THE HEINOUS crimes that some misguided Liberians residing overseas especially in the United States of America continue to commit against their own country, is although not limited to, launching propaganda against Government’s development initiatives.
THE LAST TIME that this phenomenon became more pronounced was in the early 1980s following the overthrow of President William R. Tolbert’s True Whig Party (TWP) administration
AFTER THAT CHANGE OF government the next thing that opponents of the Regime were set to do was to wage a propaganda campaign against the government of President Samuel Kanyon Doe designed to strangulate the new regime from getting any economic assistance from American government.IT IS SOMETIMES NECESSARY to avoid naming people, but the records show that several prominent Liberians that benefitted enormously from the deposed government went to the extent of lobbying to the U.S Congress against sending any economic assistance to Liberia.
THIS SCENARIO IS TODAY repeating itself after the ascendancy to power of the CDC government with some Liberians lobbying in the United States to besmear the image of government to senior officials of the Trump administration against dishing out loans or economic aid to Liberia.
THE US$536.4 MILLION loan to the government of President George Manneh Weah for the construction of coastal roads and football stadiums in cities across the country today find itself in such a political situation, as there are reports that there are some enemies of progress residing in the United States that are campaigning against Liberia receiving the money.
WE AT PUBLIC AGENDA are vehemently against such a misguided and witch-hunting attitude of blocking development loans to this country just because of the dislike of this pro-poor agenda administration.
FINANCE MINISTER SAMUEL D. TWEAH has recently clarified that the loan is legitimate and from a legitimate source and expected to be ratified by the National Legislature after which the fund will be used for the construction of coastal roads and 5 mini-football stadiums, among others.
INDEED LET US ASSUME that those days are gone. The saying goes that if you don’t want to help, do not harm or destroy what others are trying to build for the benefit of all Liberians. Let us always think about how to explore legitimate ways to develop this country as the days of wasting time on politics are over. Enough is enough!

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