Ban Sale of “Tramadol Drugs’

A youth organization under the banner Global Young Society Transformer is calling on the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Drug Enforcement Agency to halt the sale of Tramadol in drug stores and by illegal drug vendors.
The organization’s Coordinator, Ahmed Diallo, says Tramadol is causing serious harm to youths, especially school going kids in the country.Speaking on a local radio station Wednesday, activist Diallo asserted that it has become habitual for youths, especially high school students, to frequent community drug stores in search of this drug that causes dizziness and abnormal attitudes in them.
According to Ahmed Diallo, the drug should only be in hospitals and clinics and given when necessary to patients in critical need of it.
Diallo warned that if nothing is done to remove Tramadol from medical stores, many young children who are future leaders will lose their chances of becoming reliable decision makers of the country.
Meanwhile, Diallo has disclosed that his organization will hold a one-day sensitization workshop at the Light International School on the Airfield Road for young men and women in high schools.
“The workshop is our way of helping our young brothers and sisters who have one way or the other gone astray by the misuse of this pain killer drug,” he explained.

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