Finance Minister Stresses Need To Invest In Agriculture, Electricity

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah has emphasized the need for Liberia to undertake huge investment in the agriculture sector as well as generate more electricity in order to boost government’s development agenda.
He said Liberia will need to generate about 300 to 400 megawatts of power in order to achieve significant transformation in the private sector. Tweah who spoke recently in Monrovia at the World Bank Liberia Country  Partnership Framework for Media Institutions, noted that the Government of Liberia is currently struggling to transmit the 88 megawatts of power being generated by the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant due to some challenges.
He expressed optimism that 12 months from now, there will be significant transformation and improvement in the transmission of the 88 megawatts of power being generated by the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant.
Tweah said investment in a nation is done based upon the availability of infrastructure, noting that investors will be reluctant to invest in Liberia due to the low output of electricity in the country.
“Liberia is a sovereign state and it must develop its own sovereign obligation by expanding electricity, connecting roads, investing in education and promoting the Agriculture Sector,” Tweah indicated.
He disclosed that the Ministry of Finance consumes 350 gallons of fuel a day to run the entity, especially when the Liberia Electricity Cooperation is experiencing a power outage.

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