Vai Town Community Dwellers Protest

-Over Potential Hazardous Condition
The Community Dwellers of the Vai Town Community on Wednesday staged a peaceful protest in an attempt to flag an environmental problem the community is faced with.
Speaking in an interview with Reporter in Vai Town, the Spokesman of the community Mr. Sheick A.M. Sheriff stated that the protest was intended to signal the requisite authorities about the constant pollution of the Vai Town community by the Jetty Trading Company and the T. Choithram and Sons Company in Vai Town.He specified that the T. Choithram and Sons Company is always involved in throwing pollutants in the community whenever they offload their containers.
As for the Jetty Trading Company “they are always involved with the desloting of their septic tanks in the community whenever it rains” he noted.
On his part, a resident of the community Mr. Moivee Massaley cried on deplorable condition of the community and called on the government of Liberia for quick intervention.
Massaley stated that the matter is causing a serious environmental hazard for the dwellers of the community,” which has the propensity to undermine the health of the community dwellers “he emphasized.
All efforts were exerted in order to meet the management of the two companies to no avail.

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