Church’s Role in Nat’l Development

By Anthony Selmah
A former secretary General of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) Dr Benjamin Dorme Larty has underscored the vital role that the church can play in the decision making process of the country.
According to him, over the past years churches in the country have been playing vital roles in helping to bring peace to the country.Dr. Larty made the observation at the Royal Hotel in Sinkor over the weekend at the official launch of the Faith and Justice Network (FJN)–Liberia Program.
The FJN aims at fostering Social Justice and Church Engagement and to serve as a Forum for Living the Faith, Seeking Justice, and pursuing peace.
He asserted that members of the religious community are forgetting about the role they played in past years.
The former LCC Secretary General used the occasion to call on members of the religious communities to wake up and begin to engage the national government about some of the developments taking place in the country.
According to him, at times some Liberians forget about the role members of the religious community have played in bringing peace to Liberia.
Elaborating further, Dr. Larty indicated that from the 1990s to 2003, religious leaders stood their ground against injustices in the society, and by the help of the almighty God peace came to Liberia.
He disclosed that many people time setting out of the plan of peace keepers for them to come to Liberia was done through the instrumentality of the religious communities, noting that at the stage were other countries were not interested in interfering into the affairs of others countries.
Dr. Larty reminded his fellow friends of the religious communities not to remain silent on issues, noting it is not on the basis of being anti to government, but to engage them about their weaknesses and the progress they are making.
He however stated that he has understand that the President has meet other organizations in the country, and expressed concern that if he has hold any meeting with church.
The LCC former Secretary General further said that in the past they were very fearless in their advocacy in engaging the government constructively.
Dr. Larty added that now that the FNJ has been launched, he calls on the executive members to work along with the churches, to enable them achieve their goals.
He reminded them that without the churches, they the FJN can still gain their relevance as they try to be an advocacy group, adding that the churches are however key partners to you.
Dr. Larty clarified that the FNJ has not come to replace or to outdo any of those things other churches are doing, adding that it is there to complement and strengthen the efforts of the churches, by the way of providing training for their members.

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