Ex-Lawmakers Protest For Salary, Other Benefits

By Anthony Selmah
It appears that Ex- Lawmakers of the 53rd legislature have turned disgruntled, and even threatening to disrupt normal legislative sessions if their salary and other benefits are not paid to them by government.
But some politicians in the country are terming their actions as very unfortunate, especially at this time when the government is yearning for money. It was almost like a drama for many Liberians why so early in the morning members of the 53rd National Legislature can be seen on capitol-hill requesting for money.
But the lawmakers stated that it is their rights as they work for it, and so it should be given to them.
They further stated that it was a very serious issue that needs the keen attention of the CDC led government headed by President Weah.
According to them, they would not rest their case until a solution can be found to address their plight.
The former lawmakers added that they are honorable individuals who have served the country, noting that they need to be given their due benefits required for them.
The lawmakers are threatening to disrupt normal session of the plenary at the capitol building if nothing is done to address their plight.
“We will not rest our case until we can get some satisfactory results for what we are pushing for,” emphasized one ex-lawmaker.
Meanwhile a cross section of Liberians are terming the actions of members of the 53rd legislature as unpatriotic, and as people who do not want to see the country moving forward.
According to them, the demand coming from Ex- lawmakers of the 53rd legislatures are not only untimely but in no way in the interest of the people of Liberia.

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