MOT Inspection To Yield US$1.5 Million

By Robert Dixon
An official of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has disclosed that the Ministry is targeting to generate $1.5M United states dollars from the ongoing inspection of vehicles throughout the Country.
Disclosing this Friday at Ministry of Transport, the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at the Ministry Mr. Lemuel O.Kleeme , said the Inspection Team which comprises of the Liberia National Police (LNP), the Revenue Authority (LRA), and the Ministry of Transport (MOT) will be inspecting Auto part stores, Used and New Cars, dealership eligibilities clearance, insurance tickets Mechanic carriages and all transport related services.He said the Auto part stores, Used and New Cars carnages, dealership eligibilities clearance, insurance tickets Mechanic carriages and all transport related services are required by law to register with the Liberian government and any of these institutions that fail to do so will be penalized.
Mr. Kleeme indicated that the inspection will also include inspecting the new license plates that were unveiled in earlier January this year.
According to him, the new motor vehicle license plates will be used up to 2020.
He said the new sets of plates are designed to address a number of issues with the existing plates including coding that did not meet standardized requirements for visibility and appearance. Design specifications that lack security features rendering the plates exposed to duplication are also addressed.
Mr.Kleeme said the new changes on license plates include discontinuing the TB, TP, TT, and replacing them with one general category called Public Transport and another called TAXI.
He noted that the plates are designed to be retro-reflective so that they have higher visibility at night to also assist law enforcement officers identify vehicles plying the streets at night.
The plates he stated also contain warranty marks that also serve as embedded security features buried in the sheeting for traceability, warranty enforcement and to avoid counterfeiting.
Providing further details, the MOT Official pointed out that the new plates will be using a new numbering system based on the vehicle categories, thereby discontinuing the PC, BC, PB, BP, PP, and NG vehicle license plates categories that will be will be replaced by “A” categories of plates.
“By these changes there will be a reduction in the number of different categories of plates in the system”, he maintained.

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