New Advocacy Group Launched

Bishop Emeritus Sumoward E. Harris has called on church leaders in the country to give their fullest support to the Faith and Justice Network (FJN), an advocacy organization.
Addressing a cross-section of guests at the launching program at the Royal Hotel in Sinkor last Thursday, Bishop Emeritus Sumoward E. Harris said the faith and justice Network organization is a non-profit making and will have the sole objective of engaging government constructively on crucial national issue taking place within the country.
“The faith and justice network advocacy initiative aims to work for the common good of the citizens and Liberia at-large,” he said.According to him, FJN can achieve her goals and aspirations if only church leaders are willing to work along with the institution.
Bishop Emeritus Sumoward E. Harris however cautioned executives of FJN to be very constructive in their advocacy.
He alerted that he sees it very difficult for them to achieve their goals and aspirations, if they decide to take a radical path in their advocacy.
According to him, the church in Liberia has the moral right obligation to defend the common good against vices that undermine peace and justice.
For his part, Rev. Dr. T. Thomas Jallah, Jr. stated that the advocacy network has come to work in collaboration with all church leaders to move the country forward.
He further said that Liberians need to understand what is contextualization, indigenization and industrialization in relation to governance and social-political system.
Rev. Jallah added that Liberia is evolving and at times changing, noting that some laws are obsolete and should be scrapped.
He however underscored the need for the church to be proactive, adding that Liberians are suffering from an identity crisis, and do not appreciate who they are.
Elaborating further, Dr. Jallah asserted that legislative monitors are needed to help the check and balance system of government that creates good governance.
He stated that while there is an outcry for the reduction of the salaries of lawmakers in the country, the executive branch of government must also cut out the excesses and bogus lines in the budget.
Rev. Jallah said the church must avoid harmful practices, such as the buying and selling of holy oil holy water, handkerchiefs, traditionalism, and increased dependency on such.

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