President Weah addressing Citizens in Gbarnga

-Pres. Weah Labels Critics In U.S.
The Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has described as ‘enemies of the state’, those Liberians residing in the United States spreading false propaganda against their own country.
The President’s remarks came in the wake of negative comments generated after his submission to the national legislature two separate loan agreements that he recently submitted to be ratified by the National Legislature.
Consequently after the lower House enacted into law both the Eton USD$536.4 Million loan that have also beween ratified by the Senate and the lower House was about to pass into law the EBOMAF company’s USD$426 Million pre-financing loan that is now debated by the senate, a U.S. based concerned Liberian Mr. Abraham Kamara wrote on his ‘facebook’ page that he would like to see President Weah killed for negotiating such loans.It can be recalled that it is unprecedented that within a month a seating Liberian President has been able to gain such a remarkable and brilliant achievement of bringing into the nation’s coffers nearly a billion dollars in loans as President Weah has done if negative comments against the loan prove to be false.
In the words of Justice Minister Frank Deen, the loan is legitimate and from a legitimate source and given the urgency to bring development to Liberia, such a loan can be accepted given Liberia’s development retrogression since independence 170 years ago.
The reactions have been diverse. Journalist turned politician David Koitee of ‘Flashpoint’ magazine has pronounced a curse on whosoever that may wish President Weah killed, noting that such a person should die or get sick and be admitted to hospital for 12 years.
David Koitee added that , this is because the President means well for the development of this country that is yearning for development since attaining independence 170 years ago”, He thanked the National Legislature for the swift ratification of the two loans and urges the senate to do likewise.
The loan agreement in the amount of US$536.4 Million dollars from a Singapore based financial institution, the Eton PTE company, and is meant for the construction of coastal roads and 5 mini-stadiums in Liberia to be repaid after 15 yeqars.
It can also be recalled that barely had the lower House of the National Legislature approved and ratified into law the Eton loan, that news surfaced of the President purchasing a presidential jet for use.
But the President reacted stating that the plane was donated to him by a Burkinabe millionaire friend for use as a presidential jet. The same friend also offered to the Liberian government through his company the EBOMAF a pre-financed loan in the amount of US$426 Million dollars, now ratified by the lower House and awaiting passage into law by the senate. from a private financier based in Burkina Faso was also submitted to the lower house for ratification.
Meanwhile a prominent human rights lawyer Counselor Dempster Brown, has asked for the immediate extradition from the U.S to Liberia to face criminal prosecution , the concerned US. Based Liberian Mr. Abraham Kamara, for remarks he posted on his facebook page that he would like to see President George Manneh Weah killed for negotiating the Eton U.S. $536 Million loan for the Liberian government. ( By John L. Momoh).

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