LACRA To Extend In The 15 Counties

Kaba Gebelah Kaba

-Kaba Gebelah Kaba Discloses.
LACRA in its bid to impact the agri-sector of the Country, plans to extend its operations in all fifteen (15) counties, in consonance with the administration’s strategic plan that every part of the country be part of the process that will promote agricultural activities in the country.The entity has in recent times created job opportunities for citizens in counties in which LACRA has resumed full operations since the appointment of Hon. Musa Konneh as Deputy Director General.
Meanwhile, LACRA is expected to start the assessment of facilities in other counties as part of its scope of operations in order to revamp the sector and achieve its agenda in line with the country’s Pro Poor initiative.
The disclosure came when LACRA Public Relations Officer(PRO) Kaba Gebelah Kaba appeared on the Freedom FM as part of the entity media outreach program. The PRO also commended the Director for the staff motivation and new strategies put in place to revamp the entity.

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