LBR Making Headways

-Boss Extolled For Commitment To Duty Processed
Since the appointment of Samson Dee as Registrar -General of the Liberia Business Registry of the Republic of Liberia it appears that massive transformation has been taking place at the institution.
It has been observed that in past years, there have been difficult for business gurus in the country to process their documents on time.At the institution since the appointment of Samson Dee by President George Manneh Weah as Registrar –General there have been massive progresses made in making sure that business owners in the country get their documents on time.
The Public Agenda Newspaper chatting with David Cooper Monday June 11, 2018 described the current leadership structure at the LBR has been very impressed and leaders that mean well for the institution.
According to him, since the new management took over headed by Registrar –General Dee there has been massive progress made for individuals that own businesses in getting their documents on time.
Business Guru Cooper added that past years back business people getting their document on time were serious problem they were face with at the time.
Elaborating further that in his mind if Registrar –General Dee spent months into office massive progress would surely be made at the LBR.
He however lauded President Weah for appointing such of youth men at such position that is committed and mean well for the institution.
It can be recalled that when Registrar-General Dee took over the institution he vowed to promote the country liberianzation policy under the able leadership of President George Manneh Weah.
Registrar-General Dee emphasized that the said that the six business put aside by Liberians are going to be protected under his administration, noting that promoting Liberians own businesses vital under his leadership.
Registrar –General of the Republic of Liberia during his taking over ceremony expressed his readiness in promoting the government of Liberia Pro-Poor agenda through the means of promoting Liberians own businesses in the country.

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