“No Internal Fight @ PUL, But…”

-PUL President Laments
By Charles P. Dennis
The President of the Press Union of Liberia, Charles Coffey has indicated that there exists no power struggle at the PUL, revealing that majority of the people leading the union are with one purpose, working for the growth of the journalist body.
The PUL boss made the assertion when he appeared as guest during a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Tuesday. The PUL boss was responding to allegations made by his second in command, the Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia, Octavius Williams, who alleged that he was not a contributor to the planning process of the recently held Press Union of Liberia Award Night which was held in the port city of Buchanan on Sunday.
Mr. Williams, in the radio interview, asserted that the President is running a one-man-show and does not consider his views in issues relating to the operations and major undertakings of the PUL, suggesting a divided PUL.
But, contrary to the assertions made by Mr. Williams, the President revealed that it is saddened that the Vice President of the union has decided to work against the interest of the body he took oak to defend, adding that all the executive members of the PUL, with the exception of the VP are working along with him to ensure that there is a vibrant PUL.
He lamented over the renegade position of his vice president, making a commitment that the under his leadership, the PUL will not be politicized and that professionalism will be the hallmark of his leadership.
The President calls on Mr. Williams to join him to work for the growth and development of all journalists in the country.
It can recalled on several occasions, Octavius Williams took a descending view of statements made by his boss and spoke out his disagreement in public on issues concerning the workings of the PUL.

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