US$50,000 Fine Imposed

-Sheng Hai Fishing Company Affected
The Management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has levied a fine of US$50,000 on the Management ofAfricaZhong Sheng HaiFishing Company for reportedly smuggling a whole consignment of fish on the Liberian Market.
According to NaFAA’s dispatch issued in Monrovia over the weekend, the operators of the AfricaZhong Sheng Hai fishing Company on June 8, 2018, secretly offloaded huge consignments of fisheries products from Fishing Vessel Fu Hia Yu 6666at the China Union BMC Pier, Freeportwithout import permit from the Fisheries Authority.The quantity of consignment that was being offloaded, according to the dispatch was 132.277 tons of fish products and that the company did not pay the required revenue.
According to the 2010 Fisheries Regulations Section 10, “no person shall use a Liberian fishing vessel, foreign fishing vessel or other vessels or engage in any fishing or related activities except in accordance with the regulations and the terms and conditions of a valid and applicable license or authorization.”
The dispatch disclosed that since new management took over the affairs NaFAA, Illegalcold storageshave been uncovered and that the illegal groups has been compared to regularize their status before operating in Liberia in accordance with the fisheries regulations.
This was triggered by a tour of cold storages in parts of the commercial city of Paynesville, Red Light at which time,NaFAA’s Management discovered that some cold storages were not part of itsdatabase.
NaFAA Management has the constitutional mandate to raise the needed revenue for the government of Liberia through the fisheries Sector.

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