Why Corruption Persists in Liberia?

CORRUPTION IN LIBERIA remains hard to track down. It still persist as even ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf admitted. This is why some Liberians sometimes ask themselves the question, what really is responsible for endemic corruption in Liberia, and what can be done to minimize it.
IT CAN BE RECALLED THAT in her first inaugural address, Ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told Liberians that “corruption is public enemy number one, and that ‘we will confront it, we will fight it.” Unfortunately prior to leaving office she said corruption in Liberia is like a vampire.PRESIDENT GEORGE MANNEH Weah made similar commitments to fight corruption in Liberia in his inaugural address on January 22, 2018, adding that his administration will adopt a zero tolerance to corruption in Liberia which is still an undermining factor to national development. As a mark of his seriousness he ordered a task force to retrieve GSA government vehicles from ex-government officials, among others.
ACCORDING TO MANY OPEN-minded Liberians, corruption will ever remain a factor as long as Liberians do not change their attitude by adopting a positive mindset that favors genuine national development.
THIS IS WHY THE LIBERIA Anti-corruption Commission under the CDC administration should be lauded for putting varying strategies in place to prevent or minimize corruption in the society. They include efforts they are making to raise anti-corruption education and awareness in various schools and among religious leaders on how to prevent or limit corruption.
CERTAINLY LACC NEEDS to ensure that corruption-related cases are prosecuted in special courts set within the Liberian judicial system by specially selected prosecutors, as a measure to discourage case delays. It is also recommended that land related cases, drugs enforcement agency cases and financial crimes cases be analyzed and prosecuted by such anti-graft court.
LIBERIA ALSO NEEDS to strengthen internal audit mechanisms in institutions as a means of seeding out potential corruption. We also recommend regular national awareness and education national campaigns against corruption, such as collaborations with media institutions for the fight against corruption.
INDEED IT WILL BE A step in the direction of frustrating corruption, if all government officials should declare their assets as mandated by law. They should be at the vanguard to declare their assets to demonstrate to their subordinates that corruption no longer have a place in Liberia under the pro-poor agenda policy.

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