MCAL CEO Wants Liberia Improve On More MCC Indicators

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Millennium Challenge Account Liberia (MCAL), Monie R, Captan, has said that Liberia must exert more effort so that the country can pass Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) performance indicator that it failed to achieve over the years.
Captan believes that the government of Liberia has a very good chance to make significant improvement and subsequently pass the MCC performance indicators such as Fiscal Policy, Rule of Law and Regulatory Authority, among others, which the country has defaulted on for a period time.By developing an action plan in which ministries and agencies connected to these MCC performance indicators will be required to articulate clear framework and solutions, the MCAL CEO is of the opinion that the country will be able to pass more of the indicators.
“Sometimes we fail indicators simply because the reporting ministries do not provide the information that is required to judge our performance,” Captan said at the weekend when he addressed journalists at an MCAL Media Orientation at a local hotel in Monrovia.
In October 2015, Liberia became eligible for a US Government MCC Compact grant of US$257 million having qualified by passing 10 out of 20 independent and transparent policy indicators as required.
The MCC, which is an independent US foreign assistance agency, provided the compact to encourage growth and private sector investment in Liberia by improving access to reliable and affordable electricity, as well as improving planning and execution of road maintenance to reduce transportation cost.
The Liberia Compact consists of funding for the rehabilitation of the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant, development of training center for electrical technicians, supporting employment for Liberians and support for the creation of an independent energy sector regulator.
The Compact, which is expected to benefit nearly 460,000 Liberians over the next 20 years also includes support for a management service contract to improve operations of the electricity unit and support for planning and executing nationwide road maintenance.
“The good news is that we have passed ten of the MCC indicators and we have been passing them over the years,” Captan disclosed, noting that Liberia needs to boost its performance by passing in more of the MCC performance indicators.
In addition to the control of corruption, which is mandatory for a nation to pass before being eligible for the MCC grant, Captan noted that Liberia also passed several other indicators which include Inflation, Trade Policy, Access to Credits and Business Status, Freedom of Inform, Civil Liberties and Political Rights, among others.

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