‘No Dismissal Of Local Officials’ Internal Affairs Minister Assures

By Sylvester W. Korwor, LINA Bong County Correspondent
Local officials in Bong County, including clan and paramount chiefs, can now breathe an air of relief as the Internal Affairs Ministry has thrashed claims that they would be dismissed if they do not join the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).
Speaking to the Liberia News Agency at the weekend at his office in Monrovia, the Director of
Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Wheinyue, quoted Internal Affairs Minister Varney A. Sieleaf as saying only his office has the power to dismiss local officials.According to Wheinyue, the Minister said the issue of the dismissal of chiefs was one key issue discussed recently when he met with the Bong County Legislative Caucus, adding that not even the caucus has the right to dismiss any local official.
Meanwhile, the Internal Affairs boss has described reconciliation as the surest way to resolve issues when they arise, and assured that he will take the lead to always reconcile differences among local officials in order to enhance peace and development in the country.
A joint meeting of the Bong County Legislative Caucus and local officials in the county will be held soon, Wheinyue also quoted the Internal Affairs Minister as saying, but he remained non-committal to ehen the meeting will be convened.
The Minister’s assertion follows a pronouncement purportedly made recently by Vice
President Jewel Howard Taylor when she visited Bong County that local officials who do not join the ruling CDC would be dismissed.
In a separate development, Minister Sirleaf recently disclosed rural dwellers’ willingness to buttress government’s effort through their commitment to tax compliance in order to generate more revenue to enable government undertake development across the country.
According to Mr. Sirleaf, when he recently toured the rural parts of the country and interacted with local officials, including clan and paramount chiefs, the officials told him that they are willing to commit themselves to tax compliance because, according to them, Liberia can only be developed if everyone commits to tax payment.
The Internal Affairs Minister added that the chiefs want the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to introduce mechanisms that will enhance the payment of taxes by rural dwellers.

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