A Focus On Agriculture Will Enhance Growth

By J.Newton Flomo( Layout Editor, New Liberia, Newspaper )
Liberia stands to benefit a great deal (especially in the agricultural sector) from the more than US$500 million loan that is geared towards connecting major economic corridors with paved road networks.
This is so because farmers have experienced difficulties in moving their produce to the market due to the impassability of our road networks -something that has obstructed our ability to be able to feed ourselves.It would beat anyone’s imagination to see a country so bless with vast lands, natural green grass and a soil fertile enough for agricultural purposes import pepper, bitter boils, unions, tomatoes from its neighboring counterparts like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast.
And so the government of Liberia pro poor agenda was crafted amongst other things to ensure a renewed focus on agriculture by first connecting major economic corridors and farm to market roads.
As part of the agenda, the Ministry of Agriculture is expected to ensure that farmers are supported in order to improve cultivation and grow more food for our people and stop the reliance on others for food.
This is one way we can take back of economy from the hands of aliens and foreigners who wine and dine while the ordinary people continue to live in abject poverty.
When the roads are paved, and farmers are able to bring their produce to a larger market, Liberia’s development will be fast tract. It will also reduce the cost of living.
It will also reduce the current high cost of food. And increase revenue in the tourism and health sectors.
Graduates of the College of Agriculture at the State run University of Liberia must be given the chance to make practical skills learned in the classrooms by deployment in the counties to help in food production.
Though the government is unable to employ every citizen, however, the agricultural sector is one place that can create thousands of jobs, thus reducing the burden on the government.
This is possible when farmers are empowered with the necessary training and equipments to increase production.
Liberia our country has an enormous economic potential in the agricultural sector. And our long cry for jobs may just well come to an end if only we all have a renewed focus and make increased investments in the agricultural sector. This way, we will have no need to import everything we eat rather we will have produced right here in Liberia.
God Bless You

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