Students Endorses Madam Mary W.M. Nyumah

–As President of NTAL
By Prince T. Harris & Naneka Hoffman
The students of Botoe Barclay Junior and Senior high School on Monday June 18, 2018 endorsed Mrs. Mary W.M. Nyumah as President of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL).
The endorsement program was held on the main campus of the institution of Nyien Community, Bong Mine, and Fuamah District lower Bong County.The program brings together residents of the Nyien Community, parents and other stakeholders of Fuamah district.
During the occasion the student council President, Madam Hawa Kiazolu urged the students to support Mrs. Mary W.M. Nyumah in strengthen her education and administrative leadership.
Students Kiazolu also expressed thanks and appreciation to madam Nyumah for her administrative support toward Botoe Barclay Junior and Senior high School.
She also added that Mrs. Nyumah have the leadership ability to upgrade the Liberia Schools system if she elected as the President of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL).
Meanwhile, the acting President of the NTAL Mary W.M. Nyumah welcome the endorsement and thank the students of Botoe Barclay School and premised that she will upgrade the Liberia education system if she win the election, and also appoint qualify instructors to bring improvement in the Liberia education sector.
“ I will build up the capacity of students and make sure I bring qualify female educators in Botoe Barclay high school that will bring quality education”, She said
She also extended gratitude to the students and the administrative staff of the institution and stakeholders and there and promised she will come back to celebrate with the school she win.
Speaking during, the occasion a special buttressing statement from the Chairman of the United Youth for Progress and competitive learning (UYPC) Mr. Charles Varmic Jr. thank madam Nyumah for her good leadership within the institution of (NTAL).

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