For Independence Day Orator

– MCC & Ministry of Gender Heads Vetting Process
Ahead of July 26, 2018, Independence Day Celebration, the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) along with the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection, on Thursday, 21 June 2018, at the Monrovia City Hall announced, the two government agencies are leading the vetting process for the selection of this year’s independence day orator.“Members of the press, fellow citizens, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we’ve called you here today to inform you that the MCC and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection are heading the vetting process leading to the selection of the orator of this year’s Independence Day celebration,” Lord Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, said.
The announcement, he noted, opened a paradigm shift in the process of selecting national orator for Independence Day commemoration, which is usually done singlehandedly by the office of the President.
“Our announcement today signifies that this government is for the people. It breaks the usual tradition of allowing the office of the President to exclusively select the national orator in these sorts of public occasions. It also means we are breaking away from the past in order to enable the people participate and decide who they want to be their orator because, the government belongs to them,” Mayor Koijee expatiated.
“We want to assure the people of this country that this government is for the people, and the people must have their part to play in the governance of the state at all times, and we also lauded President Weah for their preferment to head the national orator’s selection process”, Koijee stress.

Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, Min. Mamina Carr

“We have to graduate from the thinking where one group of people feels that if it is not them, this country must not move forward. Under the CDC led government, headed by, His Excellency George Mannah Weah, this country will make a change for the better because the Liberian people expect us to deliver to them.”
Mayor Koijee lauded Liberians praying along with him following a tragic accident on the Kakata-Gbarnga highway in which his vehicle was badly damaged.
“I just want to thank the Liberian people for praying for me. From the day of the accident, I have been receiving lots of good text messages from Christians, Muslims, friends, loved ones, amongst others. I appreciate all those text messages and sympathy you expressed on the social media for the situation that God rescued me from. This means that God has a purpose for keeping me on this earth, and I promise that I will keep His promise.”
Also speaking the Minister for Social Protection, Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, Mamina Carr who is also part of the Independence Day Orator selection vetting process, said. “We believe that it is time to bring out the hidden talents. We’ve usually promoted people who have already made names for themselves in the society. This time, we want to give it out to the Liberian people to have their say in this process by simply involving our young people and called on them to participate in this vetting process.”
“We believe that Liberia is a great country with a lot of talents, and now is time to bring up the young talents,” Min. Carr said.
Minister Carr also promised that the vetting process, which involves applicants covering student from high schools graduate, University, and master levels. The vetting process, we assured, it will be very transparent. The MCC and the Ministry of Gender will not be doing the final selection of the orator. In fact, we are encouraging the media to help publicize this information on the radio and the print. Those wishing to participate in this process can do so on facebook which will be created today and through email, contact numbers are: 0886414921, 0776414921
Submission of entries for the selection of the Independence Day’s orator, and submission of name will starts June 22, 2018 up to July 13, 2018. “We are encouraging our young people to participate and ensure that their talents are exposed to the outside world,” Minister Carr stressed.

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