Triplets Name After President Weah

Amelia D. Weagar, mother the triply

The mother of triplets Amelia D. Weagar, name her triply after the President of Liberia H.E. Amb. George Manneh Weah. “I name these children after the President because, this is the first triplet born under George Manneh Weah Administration, therefore in recognition of H.E. President George Manneh Weah, the president for the poor people we though it wise to name these Children after him, George, Manneh, and Weah”, Amelia said.So this is a SOS call from family members of Amelia D. Weagar, the teen age mother of three male triplets George, Manneh, and Weah, to philanthropist and well-wishers to help her cater to her newborn babies.
Anyone wishing to help the teen age mother should please contact David Liehn on: 0770371697; 0886613203 or Doris David on: 0778559046

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