Liberia Revokes Recognition For Kosovo

-Signs Agricultural Cooperation Agreement With Serbia
Liberia has revoked its recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, just as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has signed agreements of greater cooperation with Serbia, including a special agreement on agricultural development.
The move happened amid an ongoing negotiation by the European Union to resolve the crisis of independence struggle between Kosovo and Serbia. Kosovo was first recognized by Liberia as an independent state in May 2008, nearly three months after the Southern province unilaterally declared independence from Serbia.According to a Serbian media report, the decision was made known when Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley presented to his Serbian counterpart, IvicaDacic, a diplomatic note to the effect of the decision on Wednesday in Belgrade.
“Today, the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is taking place under the umbrella of the EU. With this, it is only appropriate for Liberia to take a stance, which allows for a sustainable solution for citizens of Serbia and Province of Kosovo, as is being done through current negotiations,” the diplomatic note read.
“In line with all mentioned above, the Republic of Liberia annuls its letter of recognition of Kosovo. This decision remains in effect until the discussions and negotiations are completed under the European Union.”
The report said the Serbian foreign minister termed Liberia’s decision as important for his country. He said the decision also indicates that resolution and the dialogue were in full swing.
“This is our contribution to the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels on Sunday,” he said.
The Liberia foreign minister also noted that his visit would allow a new beginning of relations between Liberia and Serbia. According to him, the two countries have always enjoyed friendly ties since Serbia was part of the former Yugoslavia.
Liberia has now joined Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau, and Burundi as countries to have revoked their recognitions of Kosovo as an independent state.
Meanwhile, the governments of Serbian and Liberia have agreed to sign a special agreement on cooperation for agricultural development.
According to an additional report, the decision on the cooperation agreement was reached during a meeting of a Liberian delegation and the Serbian agriculture minister, BranislavNedimovic, on Thursday.
Serbian authorities announced that the agreement will deal with the transfer of Serbia’s experiences and technologies in agriculture, as well as with the increase in exports of Agro-food products from Serbia to the Liberian market.
Findley, as head of the Liberian delegation, also expressed gratitude to Nedimovic, adding that the goal of the meeting was to agree on the details of a future agreement on cooperation in the field of agriculture between both countries. The agreement is said to be one of several other bilateral agreements signed by the two countries.
“We are today a new government, a new democracy, and we are trying to form partnerships with you and the people of Serbia. Today we signed six agreements and these bilateral documents will benefit both our nations,” he is quoted as saying. Courtesy Bushchicken

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