Aggrieved Bea Mountain Dismissed Workers

Aggrieved Bea Mountain dismissed workers who recently took to the street accusing the Ministry of Labour of engaging in bad Labour practices and ignoring their concerns, through their legal representative Atty. Wonderr Freeman, have rendered an open apology to Labour Minister Moses Y. Kollie and his team, describing their actions as missteps.Speaking during a conference at the Ministry of Labour, Atty. Freeman expressed serious disappointment in the attitudes of his clients and regrets the embarrassment his clients have caused Minister Kollie and Team who are exerting all necessary legal means to ensure that the matter is handled. He further described the action of his clients as totally in the wrong direction; as the Minister and his Team are doing their best in handling the case.
Atty. Freeman further informed his clients that, the management of Bea Mountain is not compel to accept an outcome of negotiation held at a conference level and that the Ministry of Labour cannot make it mandatory for such action except through a court of law. Adding, his clients should give the Ministry an opportunity to go through the matter and render its decisison in keeping with the Decent Work Act of 2015.
Speaking earlier, a spokesman for the aggrieved workers Amara SK Smith said that their action was as a result of frustration because of the delay from the Ministry to enforce its ruling to reinstate them.
For his part, the Minister of Labour Hon. Moses Y. Kollie has warned would be aggrieved workers in the country to use every necessary legal step in seeking readdress instead of engaging in acts that would undermine the efforts of the Ministry and the safety of the country.
Hon. Kollie who expressed disappointment over the conduct of the former
workers’ action said, past administration had earlier recommended that they be dismissed, but he Minister Kollie and team decided to overturn the decision by the former administration in an effort to provide legal space for the dismissed workers to seek the redress through a proper means.
He reminded the former BEA Mountain workers that the Ministry has made several efforts at conference levels to ensure that they be reinstated by management but to no avail which has prompted the decision of the Ministry to send the case to its Hearing Officers for full investigations a process which is currently ongoing.

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