President Weah Makes More Appointments in Government

Monrovia, Liberia: President George MannehWeah has made more appointments in government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs.River Gee County
Central Administration
Abraham Kroma – Mandingo Governor
Madam NyanpuFlomo – Kpelleh Governor
James Tarwor – Gio Governor
Napoleon Gray – Kru Governor

Tienpo Statutory District
Daniel Wreh – Township Commissioner/Saykliwreh Township
Wilson D. Tarpeh – Township Commissioner/Tarpehville Township
Victor Wanner – Township Commissioner/Jolopa Township
Josiah P. Quayee – Township Commissioner/Cheaboken Township
Thomas Quayee – Township Commissioner/Tehville Township
Peter S. Toe – Township Commissioner/Jayeville Township
Daniel W. Toe – Township Commissioner/Gbmayeaken Township

Tuobo Administrative District
Samuel Gbaquie – City Major/ TuoboSweaken City
John Bawilly – Township Commissioner/Sartiyeah Township
Daniel T. Gegbeh – Township Commissioner/Dargba Township
Ben Weah – Township Commissioner/Jarpa Township
Daniel N. Kear – Township Commissioner/Klakor Township

Webbo Statutory District
Tarbah Body Freeman – Township Commissioner/Nyaaken Township

Gbeapo&Nyenawriken Districts
Hilary Karpeh – Township Commissioner/Drabor Township
C. Prince Buttee – Township Commissioner/Nyenawriken Township
Joe Weah – City Major/Joquiken City
Aloysius Farley – Township Commissioner/Joborken Township
Ralph Tealey – City Major/Martuaken City
George Tealey – Township Commissioner/Wessehville Township

Sarbo Statutory District
Fredrick Saibo – Superintendent/Sarbo Statutory District
Dadieh Billy – Assistant Superintendent for Development
Willington P. Sampson – Inspector/Sarbo Statutory District
Martha Watkins – Relieving Commissioner/Sarbo Statutory District
Peter Tweh – Township Commissioner/Geeken Township

Potupo District
D. NowinneThe – Township Commissioner/Gmatu Township
Toe WallorSackor – Township Commissioner/Chegboken Township

Chedepo District
Perryson S. Toe – Township Commissioner/Cheaboken Township
Robert Quayee – Township Commissioner/Quayeeteh Township
Matthew Quayee – Township Commissioner/Hinnehville Township

Margibi County
Samuel M. Berrian – City Major, Unification City

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