Christian Convert Persecuted

Yusuf Sheriff

-By Muslim Relatives
By Justin Massaley
Reports reaching this paper says, a young Liberian hailing from a Muslim background and converted to Christianity , Yusuf Sheriff, as relatives all Muslims, are said to be in hot pursuit of him and are threatening to eliminate him if fails to return to the religion of his ancestors.
A communication from the “United Brothers Fellowship”, the Christian group of which the distressed youngster belongs.Accordingly his entire family turned against him and at a point tried to intimidate him into returning to the religion of his ancestors (Islam). But with his mind made up, he however withstood the pressure even when it reached a point at which the family threatened him with excommunication, the Christian group letter furthered.
But on 31st of May, 2017, the group noted, Yusuf Sheriff disappointingly discovered that his uncles, led by Lusinie Sheriff, said to be Secretary of an Islamic Organization of Liberia and the Chairman of the Unity Party (UP) branch in District number two Montserrado County, were responsible for his father’s death, after he was severely beaten by them and told that if he does not return to the religion of his family and bring all land deal alone with all the properties belong to his late father Suleymane Sheriff, they would do the same to him as they has done to his late father.
Accordingly Yusuf then decided to lodge a complaint to the police but was himself detained by an officer Sidiki Sheriff Deputy Commander of zone Four police station, who happened to be an uncle to him, the UBF said, adding, all the while, it along with the grand-mother of the brother, were prayerfully intervening on his behalf and after a protracted period, our prayers were answered and he was ordered released, without making a statement to the police.
The group said, it was however shocked the next day to learn that the brother along with his aged grand-mother had been attacked and nearly beaten to death by the same family members.
“Though being people of great faith in God and not subscribing to violent tendencies, we are however afraid for the life of our brother-in-faith, as despite all that he has gone through as result of his voluntary conversion to Christianity, the family has not relented in its apparent plans to eliminate him at all cost”.
This unfortunate situation, has already led to him having to painfully be away from his immediate family including, his girl friend as well as grandmother who both love him so dearly, and are glad that he is temporarily safe.
The Fellowship is therefore appealing to those in the immediate surroundings of Yusfuf, to kindly render him all necessary assistance and protection, as he is simply an unfortunate victim of conscience who should be accorded his right to life and choice of religion.
When contacted the family of Mr. Yusuf to know his whereabouts and the allegation against them, no one availed to our news line, because of fear of associating with him, now the whereabouts of Mr. Yusuf is unknown.

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