Weah Hails US Continued Support to Liberia

-Highlights U.S-Liberia Historical Ties
President George MannehWeah has highlighted the historical ties the United States of America and Liberia have in common in the pursuit of freedom and justice as well as the values that inspired their independent struggles.
The Liberian leader acknowledged how America is still truthful to those ideals and principles after almost two and half centuries of existence, and how they helped to make it a strong nation with commanding global influence.Speaking Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at the U.S. Embassy during the 242nd Independence observance of U.S., President Weah said the occasion set the basis for reflection of its (U.S.) historical ties with Liberia for the lifespan of his administration.
“Liberia was founded under similar principles and objectives as the United States. This similarity of founding objectives underlines the enduring traditional good relations which continue to exist between our two countries,” the President recalled.
He said Liberians and Americans are not only friends but share a common history that is replete with the “struggles that bind us, which timelessly remind us that we are family.”
“In this new political dispensation, we are gratified that these ties have grown in scope and magnitude, and that, together we continue to explore new avenues for the common pursuit of peace, security and development,” President indicated.
“Together, the both countries have continued to take measures to build on the foundation of our historic relations, establishing mechanisms to deepen the depth of corporation, which brings mutual benefit to nations and peoples.”
He highlighted the significance of US-Liberia partnership Dialogue, which he said allows for exchange of views and the forging of a common front to address Liberia’s development priorities.
According to President Weah, his government is looking forward to this year’s session of the Partnership Dialogue to pave the way for future cooperation.
“We also acknowledge with great appreciation, the many initiatives taken under the United States International Development program, which promise great possibilities for socio-economic development for Liberia, the Liberian leader noted.
He said beyond these programs, the United States has supported the Decentralization and De-Concentration Program; Agriculture development; Rehabilitation of Roads, and Power Infrastructures through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact grant and other financing facilities, for which the country is grateful.
President Weah pledged his government’s preparedness to closely engage the US Embassy, the Government and people of the United States as Liberia embarks upon the new journey under his leadership.
He said the United States’ support to the consolidation of peace and security in Liberia has helped in strengthening Liberia’s democratic processes, as well as expanded the political space.
“That steadfast support was an important factor underpinning the historic presidential and legislative elections, which were held in Liberia last year, resulting in a peaceful transition from one democratically elected government to another democratically elected government on January 22, 2018, for the first time in more than 70 years,” he noted.
President Weah also thanked US Ambassador Christine Elder for the personal role she has played in further bonding Liberia/US partnership, and pledged that his administration will continue to work with her team.
Earlier, US Envoy, Christine Elder also reflected on road to the 2017 elections, which she said would serve as a test of the strength of Liberia’s democracy; adding that Liberians should take pride in the tremendous resolve they demonstrated during the elections, which carries its greatest test of democracy since the nation’s founding.
“The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, apart or a class. It is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity,” Madam Elder noted, and added that the United States was proud to work with Liberia in helping to strengthen several sectors, including security, NEC, the media, the judiciary, political parties, and civil society to enable them play their roles.
Ambassador Elder also recognized challenges the government is faced with to jump-start the economy, but emphasized that broad reforms and bold steps to inhibit corruption were needed to transform the business climate to attract domestic, regional, and foreign investment, to grow the economy and to seek further fiscal and monetary stability.

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