First Lady Weah Combs Nimba County

-Identifies With Health Facilities
At least five hospitals and clinics in the commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County are now breathing a sigh of relief, after benefiting from huge donation of medical supplies.
The Ganta Rehabilitation Center, the Ganta United Methodist and E & J Hospitals, the Equip and Ganta Community Clinics each received a consignment of assorted medical supplies on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.The donation, which is an initiative of First Lady Clar Weah, was intended to buttress government’s efforts in addressing challenges in the health sector purely out of love for Liberians across the country.
However, the Director of Protocol and head of the team, Miss Najet Akarsaid, the gesture was in response to the pressing needs Mrs. Weah observed when she visited Ganta in May this year.
“The First Lady wants you to know that she cares and thinks about you every day, that’s why she sent us here to bring these medical supplies to you,” Madam Akar told beneficiaries as she made the donation on behalf of Mrs. Weah.
At the same time, Nimba County Superintendent D. Dorr Cooper, who also accompanied the team, praised the First Lady not just for the medical supplies but also for always remembering the people of Nimba.
He recounted the First Lady’s recent visit to the county and the numerous initiatives she has earmarked on in the area.
For their part, authorities and employees of the various hospital and clinics were grateful to the First Lady for the kind gesture.
For many of them, including the acting head of Ganta Equip Clinic, Madam Lucy Sayedeh, it was unbelievable that the wife of a sitting President would show such concern for them when they do not even know her.
“You know it was too surprising to me when I saw the cars coming in. I was too surprised and I asked what’s going on…,” said Lucy Sayedeh.
“It is the very first time for us to see this… so we want to say thank you to the First Lady,” Madam Sayedeh said, adding that the donation was timely.
She described the donation as a great relief to the clinic, adding that the clinic was already running out of medical supplies.
Also receiving the supplies on behalf of the Ganta Clinic, the Acting Officer-In-Charge, Grace Yanweh expressed gratitude to the First Lady.
“We are very happy because for a very long period of time, we have out of drugs. Writing prescriptions for patients make them feel bad and many of them would stop seeking medical treatment at this facility,” Grace asserted.
At the same time, authorities of the Ganta Rehabilitation Center, which caters for persons suffering from leprosy, tuberculosis and severe wounds, could not control the overwhelming joy.
“These things that you brought would give us strength to do our work. We were totally down, short of materials and have been knocking at the doors of the Ministry of Health and other partners but to no avail, exclaimed Saah Boima.
Mr. Boima said, the supplies would go a long way in helping to enable them attend to the wounds of those seeking care at their facilities.
The medical supplies include cartoons of bandage, wheelchairs, Personal Protective Equipment, (PPEs), among others.

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