Independent Voices Support Team Saah Joseph

-As Candidates Battle For Senatorial Seat
A group of influential politicians have affirmed their support for the Senatorial Bid of Saah Joseph, Representative of District # 13 Montserrado County.
Speaking at the declaration ceremony in Monrovia over the weekend, H. Sneh Johnson, Chairman of the group disclosed that they have unanimously decided to support Team Saah Joseph because of his tract records of selfless service to humanity.Johnson said, members of the group come from what he described as “different political persuasions” to overwhelmingly pledge their unflinching support due to the fact that Rep. Joseph’s records testify that he’s a dedicated servant of the people.
“We are obliged to take a definite position at this crucial time in the political history of our country, because election is a patriotic duty that entails national interest,” Johnson added.
According to him, Representative Joseph’s humanitarian works dated back 28 years ago as a refugee in Sierra Leone where he provided sacrificial services along with missionaries to the refugee population, adding that the senatorial candidate didn’t perform those services because of political ambition.
He further emphasized that candidate Joseph’s gallant contribution during the Ebola crisis to save precious lives signified his selfless nature.
“We believe that Honorable Saah Joseph is competent and prepared to bring genuine development to Montserrado County regarding human and infrastructure among others.”
Responding to detractors of Rep. Joseph, the Chairman of the Independent Voices said, those who want to hide under the canopy that the country doesn’t have the means to under-write another By-Election when their candidate wins at the polls on the July 29, 2018 should rethink that decision, because according the group, Rep. Joseph was bringing huge contributions to the table that would surpass the cost of even conducting a district election.
For his part, Alphonso Socratee Nimely, Spokesman of the Independent Voices, pointed out that their preferred candidate is a man of character, a monumental figure whose deeds have transcended his territorial boundaries in a short time.
In view of that, the Spokesman vowed that they were going to campaign vigorously so as to increase the candidate’s mandate as the Senator of Montserrado County that will afford him the opportunity to multiply his humanitarian services and development initiatives for the people.
He then disclosed that the constituents of District # 13 of Montserrado County were also in support of the lawmaker’s quest to ascend to the Senate and promised to demonstrate their support at the polls.
“We will put them in the streets at the Official Launching and Endorsement of Team Joseph very soon,” he promised.

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