IRCL, UNICEF End Workshop

By Anthony Selmah
Over last weekend, the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia (IRCL), UNICEF Liberia concluded a one day Child Protection workshop in Monrovia.
Speaking at the opening ceremony held at the IRCL head office on Clay Street, the IRCL National Vice Chairman Sheikh Omaru A. Kamara said every child has a right to good living environments in any given society.The IRCL National Vice Chairman added that it is wrong for any parents to abuse the birth right of their children.
According to him, it is important for the birth right of a child to be well protected by his or her parents.
The Chairman of the National Muslims Council of Liberia called on parents throughout the Country to make it their business to make their children their first priority.
According to him, children are the future leaders and as such need to get much attention from their parents.
He lauded the UNICEF for such training program, and said that it would help them go a long way.
The Chairman of the National Muslims Council of Liberia assured that whatever that they as participants have acquired from the one day child protection workshop organized by the NUICEF is going to be put into the right purpose.
Participants from the one day workshop organized by the UNICEF came from across the fifteen counties of Liberia.

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