Makeshift Structures Removed

-Presidential Taskforce Visits Somalia Drive
A special Presidential Taskforce under the canopy, “Weah for Clean Cities” has provided facelift to the Somalia Drive Community in Monrovia.
The National Taskforce was recently established by President George M. Weah and has since commenced vigorous approach in garbage collection in Monrovia and its environs, including Paynesville.
The Committee was purposely established to maintain cleanliness in cities the President considered the face of the Country.The Maintenance of these cities, according to the Chair of the Taskforce, Monrovia Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, promotes a safe, clean and green environment.
Mayor Koijee also noted that the Taskforce’s mandate as instructed by President Weah, upholds the Pro-poor agenda of the government which seeks to create a healthy environment for all.
In executing the mandate of the Taskforce, Mayor Koijee took to the streets yesterday, working assiduously with community dwellers along the Somalia Drive and its surroundings to give the city a facelift.
He was seen fully implementing the President’s mandate by brushing grass, something he said, should serve as a motivational factor for every Liberian.

Mayor Koijee in hand shack Min. Tarawali

“We need to clean our environment; Liberia is all we have and we should take ownership of our country by continuously cleaning our homes, markets, work places and factories, amongst others. The President whom you voted overwhelmingly has given us the mandate to join you clean our cities, which I assured you that his mandate will be executed void of biases.” According to the Monrovia Mayor, the Taskforce will be more vigorous in the coming days in its approach to have a clean, green and safe environment.
According to him, as part of the many approaches, the Taskforce has developed and ordered the remover of makeshift structures along the Somalia Drive which are undermining the Taskforce beautification strategy.
He was also joined by Assistant Minister of Correction and Rehabilitation, Eddie Tarawali who came along with at least twelve (12) inmates to participate in the cleanup exercise.
Min. Tarawali said, the participation of the inmates was the Ministry of Justice’s way of helping the Taskforce to execute the President’s mandate.
He noted that the involvement of the inmates was also part of the Ministry’s community Service Program.
In response, Mayor Koijee lauded the inmates for their courage to participate in the cleanup exercise and inspired them to remain hopeful, adding that once inmates are rehabilitated, they can be reintegrated into the society and society can still accept and welcome them.
Since the establishment of the Taskforce, it has been working day and night cleaning areas in Monrovia, Paynesville and adjacent cities in Montserrado County to remove huge pile of dirt, something community dwellers, have welcomed.
The Taskforce is involved with the collection and disposal of primary and secondary waste; it has admonished residents to appreciate the importance of the exercise, observe and respect the city ordinances and as such, refrain from dropping dirt anywhere.
Meanwhile, he warned that anyone found throwing dirt in the open, will be fined the amount of US$5.00 or its equivalent in Liberian Dollars.

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