Mayor Koijee Serious On The Clean Monrovia City Focus

INITIALLY IT APPEARED AS A JOKE, when President George Manneh Weah and wife Madam Clar Marie Weah as well as the Monrovia city mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee launched the Weah for Clean City initiative on the first Saturday of February, 2018 barely few days after his inauguration as President of Liberia.
TODAY THE RESPONSE OF RESIDENTS is very overwhelming, to the extent that Mayor Koijee is even providing a vacation job opportunity by encouraging residents to register in a voluntary Weah for Clean city Presidential Task force’. The Task Force is recruiting volunteers to clean the city ahead of the July 26 Independence Day celebrations for a stipend of US$50.THE OBJECTIVE OF THE LAUNCH made by the First family and senior officials of the CDC government was not only to ensure a continuity in the cleaning up exercise, but to make sure that it surpasses the initiative that was started during the past administration under the one-time Mayor of the Monrovia city Municipality, Madam Mary T. Broh.
CERTAINLY MAYOR KOIJEE’S DETERMINATION and efforts are going beyond the mark in cleaning Monrovia especially on first Saturday’s of the month. He can be spotted ahead of large clean-up campaign groups around Monrovia in clean-up gears and nose kits, to ensure the cleaning exercise began by Madam Broh. He should surely be given the credit for adding substance to making Monrovia a clean city.
WHAT IS EVEN MORE ADMIRABLE is the efforts of Mayor Koijee to ensure that President Weah and Madam Weah are encouraged to remain part of the process, as many residents are taking time off their busy schedules to participate in the exercise. It should serve as lessons to all residents of Monrovia that there is a value in humility and making the efforts to keep their environments and houses clean at all times.
THE SAYING GOES THAT cleanliness is next to Godliness and that health is wealth, while prevention is better than cure. It is never a joke that many of the victims of the Ebola epidemic that struck through this country and in Guinea and Sierra Leone met their untimely deaths due to carelessness in following health rules and regulations.
INDEED IT IS HIGH TIME we learn that keeping Monrovia a clean city, an initiative that President Weah and wife as well as the Lord Mayor are at the vanguard should be considered everybody’s business. It is the obligation of all residents, Liberians and foreigners to help keep Monrovia on the map of one of the cleanest cities in West Africa by focusing our attitudes towards achieving that goal.
OF COURSE THERE ARE always those who take things for granted. Such was manifested during the era of the Ebola epidemic that paralyzed this country in 2014. Some people disregarded following basic guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and partners, such as all must avoid bodily contacts or touching someone sometimes out of religious and traditional beliefs.
THIS IS WHY IT IS OUR ardent hope that residents of Monrovia, Paynesville and other municipalities across the country will continue to render substance and value to keeping their environments clean from dirt.
WE ARE THEREFORE URGING residents Monrovia to continue their participation in the first Saturday of every month cleaning exercises spearheaded by the Monrovia City Corporation, so as to avoid paying unnecessary money to clinics and drug stores on sicknesses that can be avoided by simply following simple hygiene and cleanliness rules. We take this opportunity to laud the first family and mayor Koijee for their relentless efforts to keep Monrovia clean.

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