25 Customs Brokers Licensed

-LRA Discloses
The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has certificated and licensed 25 Customs Brokers who successfully passed the customs broker’s examination test administered by the Authority.
Customs brokers are private individuals, partnerships or associations licensed to assist importers and exporters in meeting requirements governing imports and exports. They act as professional agents for an importer or exporter, prepare and submit all documents for clearing goods through customs.The Licensing of the first batch of 25 Customs Brokers is in keeping with Section 6.0 A (iii) of the Customs Brokers Revenue Administrative Regulation which mandates the LRAto administer Customs Brokers Competency Licensing Examination as a standard for practicing custom brokerage.
Presenting certificates of License to the brokers on June 30 at the LRA Headquarters, former Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba described the event as a milestone achievement.
The 25 Customs Brokers were the first to be licensed by the LRA since its establishment four years ago.
Madam Tamba encouraged customs brokers who have successfully gone through the requirements to consider the profession as a noble career and emphasized the need for collaboration between customs brokers and the LRA as both parties are serving the interest of the taxpayers.
Madam Tamba indicated that modernizing and transforming Liberia’s revenue administration remain quite vital, and cannot be achieved without the partnership of customs brokers.
For his part, Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Technical Operations, William Buku congratulated the licensed customs brokers, and cautioned that those pursuing career in the field of customs brokerage should see it as a noble profession that should be taken seriously.
Buku encouraged the newly licensed custom brokers to establish themselves into businesses and be trustworthy at all times; he warned them against the practice of dishonesty while rendering services to their client as well as the LRA.
Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of his fellow customs brokers, Kansualism Berk Kansuah, thanked the Management of the LRA for providing the training.
Kansuah said, the newly licensed brokers will not work in isolation if they are to succeed in their individual businesses. He promised that they will unite themselves and work together in the best interest of the country.

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