AB Kromah Lauded

Col. Abraham Kromah.

-For Creating Employments
By Anthony Selmah
Former Police Director for Operation (102) Col. Abraham S. Kromah, commonly called “AB Kromah”, has been lauded for creating employment opportunities for young Liberians; the creativity, according to his admirers, is aimed at buttressing government’s job creation efforts. In a random chat with cross section of some young Liberians in his employ, AB Kromah has been described a man with farsightedness who means well for the country.
AB Kromah is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pilot Security Consultancy through he was able to employ close to three hundred plus young Liberians.
Some of the officers told the Public Agenda over the weekend that Pilot was providing professional security services to residents, Hotels and businesses among others around the Liberia.
The employees praised Col. Kromah for the sensitivity he attaches to their wellbeing; something according to them is unprecedented as compared to other firms.
During his stay at the Liberia National Police, Col. Kromah reportedly put into place radical systems to reflect professional conduct of officers.

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