Who Will Win In Bong & Montserrado

Campaign for the coming July 31, 2018 senatorial by-elections for the vacant positions by President George Manneh Weah in Montserrado County and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor prior to the 2017 general and Presidential elections that brought the CDC administration to power has begun.
But the 12 contestants and their supporters and auxiliary groups are warned against using foul languages against each other and the government, as according to a reliable source, it will be in the interest of all that the election goes on smoothly..According to an auxiliary group of former Internal Affairs Minister Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, the group feels Dr. Tokpa is the most experienced and the most qualified to occupy the vacant position left behind by the Queen of Bong county Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. The group indicates that apart from being an intellectual, Dr. Tokpa has the necessary local and international contacts to bring development to Bong County.
The name Henrique Flomo is a household word not only in Bong County where he served for several years as President of Cuttington University during which he excelled in bringing the much needed contacts for the development of Cuttington and bong County as a whole. It is assumed that if given the chance to serve as Senator for the county he will make a vast and positive difference in ensuring the development transformation of the county.
Another outstanding personality that the people of the county are yearning for to serve as their senator is the CDC nominee of the county, Mr. Josiah Marvin Cole. It is expected that by now splinter national Patriotic Party (NPP) groups within the CDC that have been complaining that they have been marginalized by their party’s most senior personality Madam Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor have now surmounted their differences and are solidly throwing their weight behind the candidacy of CDC candidate Cole with one voice.
The other likely heavy weight politician that is highly admired by the people of Bong County is Ambassador Jeremiah Sulonteh, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Alternative national congress (ANC) of Alexander Cummings. But it appears that at a point in time the ex-Liberian ambassador to the U.S. who resigned his position in Washington Dc to contest the 2017 presidential and general elections is gradually getting out of favor after being rejected to contest as a CDC candidate.
It will be difficult to determine who will be the next Montserrado senator as the candidates are many. They include Bernard DJ Blue Benson, Madam Josephine George Francis, Saah Hardy Joseph, mark Augustine Keshen, Yekeh Y. Kolubah and Michael Doe Tipayson. The most visible in terms of displaying campaign posters around Monrovia are DJ Blue and Josephine Francis.
It is being argued that it will be difficult to dethrone Hon. Saah Joseph, who established a name for himself as ‘Ebola Hero’. It is irrefutable that Saah Joseph is up to now the most popular among other contestants as it is alleged that his District #13 is one of the most populous in Monteserrado county and hence a formidable asset to the CDC administration.
But in politics nothing can be taken for granted, it may be possible that out of the five contestants for the Bong county senatorial seat namely – Josiah Cole, Fainoh Theo Gbilah, Prince Togar Kollie, Henrique Tokpa and Orlando Koimene Zarwolo the winner will be an unknown candidate. That is to say someone who is the least expected may win.

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