LNP Launches ‘Operations Spider Wept’ In Kakata

The General Commander of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Margibi County detachment, Sylvester T. Hina, has disclosed that he has established a joint team of security officers in the county, to allow citizens and foreign nationals celebrate the forthcoming July 26, 2018 Independence Day peacefully.According to the General Commander of Margibi County, the purpose for the establishment of the joint team is to help erect several check points at night, especially in the city of Kakata and its environs to weed out criminals and bad guys from taking away citizens personal belongings, such as money, cell-phones, and wrist watches among others.
Speaking Thursday July 12, 2018 in an exclusive interview with New Liberia, Hina added that since he took over from the former Commander of Kakata City police Station in Margibi County, he has observed that over the period of three months that he has spent as a new commander for the area, there is an increase in the number of criminal activities and bad guys that prompted him to organize said operations.
Commander Hina indicated that as off today, security team will immediately start the erection of check at various streets and corners during the night hours.
He said this operations exercise will last throughout the month of July and run up to August until the criminal rate in Margibi County is reduced.
Meanwhile, Hina said as the public get said information, especially inhabitants of Kakata City, Margibi County, during the 26 July celebration, there is a need for them to be careful in going about their activities during the festive season.
Additionally, he pointed out that during the main day of the celebration by the hour of 2:00 a.m., all residents of Kakata are adviced to return to their homes because at that time the Kakata police detachment will be carrying out their operations to help implement measures for safety.
“We need free movement during the July 26 celebration this year,”Hina indicated.
Commander Hina expressed regret for the death of one of his bosses of the Liberia National Police, Deputy Commissioner for Operations, Mickey Gray, stressing that the late Gray was a hard working gentleman in the force and said many of his colleagues will miss him a lot.
Hina used the interview to express his condolence to the LNP and the Gray family on the passing of Commissioner Gray.

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