FAO Pledges Support To Fisheries Development

FAO Country Rep. Madam Njie&NaFAA’s Dept. DG for Admin.Manoballah

-As Country Rep. Donates Laptops To NaFAA
The Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)of the United Nations has pledged its commitment to the development and enhancement of the Liberian Fisheries Sector.
FAO says, it has great interest in the overall transformation ad improvement of the Liberian Fisheries Sector and is prepared to provide the needed logistical support to move the sector forward.Speaking Friday July 20, 2018, when the FAO donated three laptop computers to the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) at its Freeport office on the Bushrod Island, FAO Country Representative in Liberia said the fisheries sector has the potential to positively impact the world and benefit Liberians.
Madam MariatouNjie said, given the potential existing within the Sector, there is a need for the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authorityto be fully equipped to reap full benefits from the potential within the sector.
“As one of FAO’s partners, Liberians can be assured that this United Nations Organization will push for more logistical support to improve the Liberian Fisheries sector”, madam Njie further assured during her visit at NaFAA’s office early Friday morning.
At the same time, FAO is commending the leadership of Mrs. Emma Metieh-Glassco at the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority for the high level of improvement and farsightedness brought to the sector.
Madam Njie said, given the level of work done by the current leadership at NaFAA there exist a need for its partners including the FAO to buttress the effort of the Management team to developthe sector.
The FAO Country Representative also mentioned a promise of future donation of vehicles to the Management of NaFAA, with the first vehicle to be made available shortly.
Receiving the donation on behalf of NaFAA, the Deputy Director General for Administration commended the FAO for what he termed as timely donation.
Augustine Manoballah said, the donation from the FAO is not a surprise to the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority because there exist what he called a long standing partnership withFAO as well as the Agriculture and Fisheries sectors of Liberia.
Manoballah said, NaFAA appreciates FAO’s donation and promised that it will be utilized for the intended purpose, particularly at the time when the need for logistics remains alarming.

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