“Liberia Will Not Fail”

-President Weah Tells Liberians
President George Manneh Weah has declared that Liberia, irrespective of the varying level of pessimisms harbor by some Liberians, will not fail with God being in control of its destiny.
The Liberian leader urged Liberians “To have faith, trust and believe God and stop being negative about the country:”adding it is the only responsibility required of Liberians during this time of national celebration of the 171st independence.He spoke Sunday, July 22, 2018 at the Centennial Pavilion during the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Service in observance of the 171st Independence of the Republic which falls on July 26.
President Weah wondered why Liberians would profess to trust God but yet confess doubt and negativity about the direction of the country.“Let’s be optimistic; you cannot say you trust God and still have doubt. Let’s have faith and believe that everything will be okay,” the President said.
The Liberia leader said he strongly believes that it was high time Liberians bind their faith together because “together the nation cannot fai”l. He also admonished Liberians to remain optimistic of their country and know that God will not fail them.
Earlier, Archbishop Isaac Winker of the Dominion Church called on Liberians to develop passion for nation building and come together because it was time to build the country.
Archbishop Winker, who delivered the sermon at the Thanksgiving/Intercessory Service, said Nehemiah who led the rebuilding of the biblical wall of Jericho had the passion and that the citizens demonstrated patriotism toward their country.
“There is no prosperity without patriotism,” he emphasized, and noted that Liberians do not show patriotism for the country. Thanksgiving & Intercessory Service organized by the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC) part of events earmarked for the observance of the 171stIndependence to thank God for the country and also beseech His protection and direction for national prosperity in peace, reconciliation and infrastructural development.

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