End Corruption

– Independence Day Orator Urges
The 171st Independence Day Orator this year, Mr. Samuel Tweah, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) has told his boss, President George Manneh Weah, to renew his government’s plan to fight and end corruption.
Liberia Finance and Development Planning Minister also called for an end to impunity in the war against corruption.
Delivering the 171st Independence Day Oration, Mr. Tweah urged the government to review all audit reports submitted to the government by the General Auditing Commission (GAC).He added: “We must eradicate the culture of impunity. People misusing public fund will have no place in this government.’’
GOL Can’t Solve 60 Yrs’ Problems in 6 Months
He also committed the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change-led government to fixing the problem the former ruling Unity Party government could not fix. However, he stated that they are going to build on the gains the UP folks made.
In response to criticisms against the government’s handlings of things, Tweah emphasized that the George Weah-led government cannot do in six months what other governments in Africa have not done in sixty years.
“To think that the smart people of Liberia will be misled by believing that this government will do in six months what other governments in Africa have not done for sixty years is to think too low of Liberia,’’ he opined.
The Orator then indicated that they, in government, don’t have monopoly over all the solutions to the nation’s problems. He used the occasion to call on all Liberians, including those in the opposition, to join hands with the CDC government to ensure the development of Liberia.
The Independence Day Orator dedicated a portion of his speech to lash at the media for what he termed as negative report against the government.
According to him, while freedom of Speech and the Press is a fundamental right of all Liberians, there are some media entities (no names given) which he said, are bent on publishing negative stories against the government and portraying a negative image of the country to the international community.
Also speaking President Weah acknowledged that the task of building a vibrant nation is a momentous challenge that requires the overriding involvement of all Liberians in a strong bond of peace and unity.
In a special statement at the official Independence Day program at the Centennial Pavilion on Thursday, July 26, the Liberia leader prayed for God’s blessings, direction and guidance as Liberians endeavor to chart a new course for their country.
According to him, developing the nation would prove fruitless and futile in the absence of peace and unity amongst Liberians.
“In order to move Liberia ahead and achieve sustainable development, we must be united and at peace with ourselves; we need a strong union and the peace that abide in our hearts for the prosperity of our beloved country,” President Weah declared.
The President then called upon all his fellow Liberians, irrespective of their political persuasions, to join him in building ‘a better Liberia.’
He added: “Let us begin now to move our country; let us come together to recover the lost years.”
President Weah maintained that the government alone cannot shoulder the task of rebuilding Liberia; rather it is a task for all Liberians to undertake.
“No matter who you are and where you are, opposition or not, in the rural parts of the country or in the Diaspora, in the towns or villages or in the city; as long as you are a Liberian, it is your patriotic and nationalistic duty to put your hands on deck to help us build our country,” he urged Liberians.
“Fellow Liberians, today, just six months in a six-year tenure, I made a solemn pledge that I will continue to apply myself diligently and to work towards a more perfect peace among our people, with the aim and objective that we become more reconciled, united and peaceful and prosperous nation.”
The Liberian leader expressed the hope that all Liberians will be able to celebrate the gains achieved together in next year’s celebration of national independence and added “It is my hope that at the age 171, Liberia under our leadership would have accelerated the pace of the coming of the happy land that we will wish our country to be – a glorious land of liberty and prosperity by God’s command.”

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