President Weah Makes further Appointments in Government

PresidentGeorge Manneh Weah has made the following appointments in government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the City Governments of Monrovia and Paynesville, the National Disaster Management Agency, and the Liberia Institute of Public Administration.
Those appointed include:Nomination for Montserrado County Local Government
Mr. G. Eric Vaye Assistant Superintendent/ Fiscal Affairs
Mr. BedellFahn Mayor/ Brewerville City
Mr. Lewis K. Wleh, Sr. Commissioner/ New Georgia Township
Rev. David Roberts Commissioner/ Gardnersville Township
Mr. Isaac H. Howe Commissioner/ Barnersville Township
Mrs. Comfort W. Taylor Commissioner/ Dixville Township
Mr. Francis Woods Commissioner/ Caldwell Township
Mr. Morris Richards Mayor/ Clayashland City
Mr. Tye Weah Commissioner/ Virginia Township
Mr. Thomas Cassell Commissioner/ Cheesemanburg Township
Mr. Edwin Matthies Commissioner/Royesville Township
Mr. C. Oliver Varney, Jr. Commissioner/ Johnsonville Township
Mr. Mensah Zuku Commissioner/Congo Town Township
Mr. Moses K. White Commissioner/ Louisiana Township
Mr. Christopher Taylor Mayor/ Artington City
Mr. Melvin Bettie County Inspector
Mr. Benedict Nyan Mayor/ Bentol City
Mrs. Alice B. Weah Governor/Borough of Kru Town
Mr. William C. Wea Commissioner/ West Point
Mr. Stanley Y. Zahn City Manager/Paynesville City

Monrovia City Council Members
Hon. Jefferson TambaKoijee Chairman
Hon. C. Mike Doryen Member
Mrs. Bernice Freeman Member
Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon Member
Hon. WilliamettaSaydee-Tarr Member
Mr. Garriston W. Bailey Member

Paynesville City Council Members
Mr. T. Max Hinneh Chairman
Mr. Emmanuel O. Sesay Member
Dr. James Tarr Member
Mr. Joseph B. Jorgbor Member
Mr. ShiekhOmaru A. Kamara Member
Rev. Emma Betty Clark-Morris Member

National Disaster Management Agency
Mr. Ahmed B. Sheriff Deputy Executive Director/ Administration
Mr. Augustine F. Tamba Deputy Executive Director/ Operations

Liberia Institute for Public Administration
Mr. Amara M. Kamara Deputy Director General/ Training and Technical Affairs

Meanwhile, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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