“Fisheries To Contribute Huge Support To Annual Budget”

-Says NaFAA Director General
The Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority NaFAA has reemphasized that the Fisheries sector has the potential to contribute immensely to National Growth and development through huge support to the National Budget of Liberia.
Director General Emma Metieh Glassco promised that Liberia under the current NaFAA Administration will shortly be compare to other top African Fisheries Countries that are contributing immensely to their National budget through the fisheries sector.“the Liberian fisheries sector has the potential to raise huge revenue that would contribute to the National development and growth” madam Glassco narrated.
Speaking Friday August 10, 2018 when she was honored as the Personality of Independent Award by the Association of Montserrado Teachers (ASMOTE) an educational organization, Mrs. Glassco furthered that NaFAA staff is prepared to work to ensure that the lawful revenue is generated from the fisheries sector to enhance growth and development in Liberia
Receiving the Award from(ASMOTE) DirectorGlassco mentioned that her team at NaFAA is prepared to develop the Coastal communities, create more job opportunities for Liberians to reduce the current hardships and more importantly make the fisheries sector more commercialized where private investors will be operating fish processing facilities across the Costal Communities.
she said “fisheries do have the potential to become the major source of revenue generation in Liberia”, the NaFAA Director General Emma Glassco pointed out during the honoring ceremony held in her Office.
Meanwhile, Director General Glassco assured that with the new fisheries regulations being introduced and the high level of international and local support, the Fisheries stands the chance to raise huge revenue intake that would boost Liberia’s growth and development.
presenting the Personality of Independent Award 2018 earlier, the National Chairman of Association of Montserrado Teachers Commanded Madam Glassco and Staff for the level of transformation they have brought to the Liberian Fisheries Sector in a short period.
Chairman Joseph Deema said following a period of vetting by Members of the Association of Montserrado Teachers (ASMOTE) they have realized that Madam Glassco has restored the lost dignity of the Fisheries sector thus attracting huge local and international attention coupled with financial support to the sector.
“the (ASMOTE) Chairman said now under the leadership of Madam Emma Glassco and Team the Fisheries sector is experiencing lots of reforms that is impacting all stakeholders across the Country”
Mr. Deema said currently with the level of work done in the shortest period of time NaFAA is becoming a house mane and its impact is being noticed throughout Liberia.

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