Labour Ministry Mediates In Firestone Workers Strike

Workers of the Firestone Rubber Plantations Company have resolved to return to work following the intervention by the Government of Liberia through the Ministries of Labour and Justice.
According to a Labour Ministry press release, the workers grievances were resolved following a meeting, which brought together the Ministers of Labour and Justice, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Members of the Legislative Caucus and the Superintendent of Marbigi County, the Management and workers of the Firestone Rubber Plantations Company and interested parties, that was held at the Ministry of Labour in Monrovia on Thursday, August 9, 2018.The workers, through their spokesman Mr. Luogon Polay presented a five (5) counts position statement to the Government of Liberia mediation team headed by Justice Minister, Cllr. Musa Dean as grievances that had prompted the workers recent actions at the plantation.
Speaking following hours of discussions, Justice Minister Musa Dean assured the workers that no workers will be punished by management for airing their views during the stand-offs.
He mandated the Management of the Firestone Plantation Company to provide employees handbooks to the workers within a reasonable time noting that, doing so will enable the workers understand the dos and don’ts in their workplaces.
The Justice Minister has also ordered an investigation into a complaint that live bullet was fired during the strike action by on the planation.
He informed the workers that the President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah is very concerned about the plight of workers of Firestone and promised that the Government of Liberia mediation team will take their concerns to him.
He called for the sitting up of a tripartite committee of the Management, Workers’ Representatives and Government to mediate into the workers grievances and report within two weeks.
For his part, Labour Minister Moses Y. Kollie expressed happiness that workers have agreed to return to work following the intervention of the Government of Liberia (GOL), noting that this is a clear indication that the Weah-led government is concerned about the welfare of workers in the country.
He told the workers that the government is under obligation to listen to the plight and encourage all workers in the country to bring their issues to the Ministry of Labour for amicable resolution instead of engaging in lawlessness.
He also encouraged the workforce of Firestone who were represented by one worker of each division of the plantation, to respect and listen to them as their leaders to allow them solve their issues.
Meanwhile, workers of the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company have named a seven (7) members committee to represent on the tripartite committee proposed by the government to continue with the dialogue in the next two weeks which is expected to find a possible solution to the ongoing situation at the plantation.
Those named to the workers committee are: Mr. Luogon Polay, Chairman, Abraham Nimene, Co-chair, Raymond C. Yeon, Secretary, Tito B. Tarnah, Alice Seh, Abel F. Ngigie and Edwin Fallah.

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