LWSC Retires, Honors 15 Employees

By Anthony Selmah
The Management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has recently retired and honored fifteen of it staffs for long service to the government and the good people of Liberia.
Speaking at the program, which took place at the Fiamah sub-office of the LWSC, the Managing Director of LWSC, Duannah A. Kamara cautioned retirees of the LWSC to feel that they are still part of the institution.
According to him, over the years those employees of the LWSC have been working hard for the government and the Liberian people, noting that the role they have played in serving the people of Liberia should forever be remembered in the history of the country.The LWSC boss stated that it is the right thing that those long service employees have done, to serve their country for such a number of years, while describing them true compatriots who mean well for the country.
Managing Director Kamara urged the LWSC retirees to serve as good ambassadors in the Liberian society while in their private lives..
According to him, since he took over the institution as Managing Director, he has been having good working relationships with all of the staff, adding that he has been appointed by President George MannehWeah to work in the interest of the Liberian people.
The LWSC boss reminded employees of the institution that only togetherness can help make them move forward.
Managing Director Kamara appealed to current employees of the institution to emulate the good examples of those retirees who have served the country and the Liberian people for such a long number of years.
For his part, the deputy Managing Director for Technical Services, Dan T. Saryee hailed retirees of the LWSC for their long service to the country.
According to him, the former retirees of the institution made the right choice to have served the country for such number of years.
Deputy MD Saryee called on other employees of the institution to follow such examples set by the former retirees, noting that some of the LWSC retirees served the institution from twenty to twenty five years plus.

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