Dr. Wesley Wants Support For Girls Education

A Liberian educator and author teaching at the Penn State University in the United States of America, Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley is calling for more support to girls in order to expand their potential.
Dr. Wesley, an Associate Professor of English at Penn State University said Liberia is lagging behind because the country has a culture that place men above women. Speaking to group of reporters in Monrovia Tuesday August 14, 2018, Dr. Wesley noted that the Liberian culture challenges girls more than boys, describing the situation as a problem for girls’ development.
The Liberian educator comments come as her organization, Young Scholars of Liberia, prepares to host an all-girls poetry reading event at the University of Liberia Auditorium on main campus, Thursday August 16, 2018.
Thursday’s event brings to close Dr. Wesley’s summer workshops that have been taking place for girls around the country with the latest taking place in Maryland County.
She told newsmen that throughout her teaching career ,it was discovered that the youthful group usually used reading and writing as inspiration to help them remain in school ,emphasizing that such drive most often make the young people to become productive citizen.
The English professor provided that her contribution is to help in such direction for the overall advancement of the country, indicating that she decided to come home to make her contribution in the education sector.

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