Flood Threatens gain!

-As Heavy Rain Descends On Monrovia
-When Will This Dilemma End?
By Charles P. Dennis
Once again, the natural tragedy of flooding has hit some communities of Monrovia and other areas just outside the city.
Following a very brief period of rain that begin during the early morning hours of Friday, several communities of the city experienced serious flooding, causing some major roads like the Somalia Drive route to become inaccessible or to a greater extent, a death risk to drivers and passengers of low vehicles.As the rain intensified, the portion of the road linking the Freeport of Monrovia to the Somalia Drive became a scene of drama and misery, as several vehicles leaving the Gardnersville and other surrounding communities to head for Central Monrovia were seen in the water, unable to get out due to the intensity of the flooding.
As a mean of getting people to cross to the Freeport in front of the NPA gates and the Somalia drive junction, some unemployed youths took advantage of the situation to make cash, as they were seen taking people on their backs and shoulders to cross the flood areas for a fare.
Others who were getting late for work and other businesses were left with no other alternative but to abandon their vehicles and use the services of pem-pem to get to town.
The issue of flooding had been an aged old dilemma for dwellers of the Freeport Community and commuters using the road during the rainy season, as the drainage system of the area was in the past poorly constructed.
When some flood affected commuters were interviewed, they blamed preceding Liberian administrations for not doing more to address the condition of the road and other sites around the city and the rest of the country.
As a means of finding a lasting remedy to the problem, some Liberians demand Public Works Ministry’s help while other Liberians are calling on the George Weah’s administration to take some steps to bring the issue to a permanent end so as to end the suffering of the people using the road.

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