Kofi Woods Empowers Local NGO

-Makes Significant Donation
In his incessant drive to empower young people and humanely give back to his community, Liberia’s uncompromising and veteran human rights lawyer, Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods, has made significant donation to a local non-governmental organization (NGO)headed by some promising young Liberians.
The former Public Workers Minister recently toured the offices of the local group, Contemporary Development Initiatives (CONDI) and discovered that his intervention was promptly needed in an effort to quickly address some critical needs of the organization.An the end of his visit in early August, Atty Woods was able to donate assorted modern office equipment which, according to him, would impressively enhance the work of the local humanitarian group.
AttyWoods who was asked to serve as Board Chair of the group, said, “I am pleased to be a part of an initiative, which has been given birth to by ordinary Liberian young men, some of whom had the opportunity to be molded by our own hands. It remains a great joy to me, many at times, when I am called upon to serve and give back to the community. The very community we grew up; went to school as kids; we owe a lot to where it all started.”
In his acceptance remarks, the Founder of the Liberia Law Society (LLI) declared “I’am also officially accepting to serve as Board Chair for this organization (Contemporary Development Initiatives), because all your goals and objectives are basically what we seek for our people. Our people need access to safe drinking water, food and basic education for our children.”
The Human Rights Lawyer recalled when he and other rights lawyers were setting up the Foundation for International Dignity (FIND), Catholic Justices and Peace Commission (JPC), and all other development and social justice initiatives, adding that “we started just as you guys are doing today. I promised to be available when I am needed. We will continue to support you whenever we are call upon. “
Meanwhile receiving the items on behalf of CONDI, Habakkuk WataraSackor, Sr., Executive Director of the group expressedheartfelt gratitude to Atty Woods for the assorted office supplies worth over several Thousand United States Dollars, which according to Sackor would enhance the smooth operations of the organization. “We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support for the lifesaving initiatives at CONDI,” the Executive Director said as he was smiling uncontrollably indicating a sign of deep appreciation.
“Here at CONDI, our goal is to reach and intervene in the lives of less fortunate women and children via the provision of safe drinking water, agriculture and food security as well as child welfare and protection,” Sackor told the newly appointed Board Chair.
He added “your generous donation of assorted office supplies will go a long way to helping us reach our goal. In fact, with your gift, we will be able to provide jobs and jobs training, mentorship, and community development services to many young Liberians who also believe in you.”
“Thank you! You have made a real difference in our struggle for Socio-Economic Independence and Self-Employment.Your kind gesture could not have come at any time better than this as CONDI is still yet in its embryonic stages. We have now completed the full setup of the offices with the appropriate furniture and setup the desktop computers provided.”
Assuring the donor about the security of items, the Executive Director on behalf the organization asserted that “we can assure you the supplies donated will be used for the intended purpose and you will forever remain a part of CONDI’s history.”
“Thanks to you, Hon. Woods, we hope to continue our engagements with you as you continue to serve as our mentor.”
The Contemporary Development Initiatives (CONDI) stands on five (5) developmental pillars to adequately provide and transform the lives of the less fortunate and vulnerable women and children, especially those residing in slum communities through several opportunities.
Amongst other things, CONDI’s activities are focused on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Food Security and Nutrition, Capacity Building, Child Protection and IT Consultancy and Training.

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