CDC Youth League Pays Tribute To Late Dr. Annan

The Coalition for Democratic Change Youth League has expressed its profound sorrow and genuine condolence to the United Nations (UN) and the people of Ghana on the loss of the former UN General Secretary Dr. Kofi Annan.
Presenting the statement of condolence Monday to the coordinator of the UN system in Liberia at Pan-African Plaza in Monrovia, the National Secretary General of the CDC Youth League Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson the devastating news of the demise of Dr. Annan came as a surprise which according to him brings excruciatingly pains into the hearts of Liberians.He added that the former UN Boss brings brighter future for Youth, children and unborn generations to come.
Johnson noted that Liberia owes its gratitude to Dr. Annan, most especially the young people,describing him as a ‘ great son who has left a clear path to resolve problems in Liberia’.
He further noted that Dr. Annan went to the extreme to ensure that the largest peacekeeping force ever assemble in the world came to Liberia during his two terms as UN Secretary General.
Johnson called on well- meaning Liberians to mourn the passing of Dr. Annan “a great son of Africa” in whose honor the Kofi Annan Institute for conflict Transformation (KAICT).
According to Johnson, KAICT is a future in which a new generation of Liberians endowed with abilities for critical and innovative thinking lead in the definition, reconstruction, and administration of the Liberian state.
Responding to the Tribute, the coordinator of the UN system in Liberia Mr. Yacob El Hilo lauded the CDC Youth League for the concern over the demise of UN former Secretary General, Dr. Annan.
He said young people has the responsibility on their shoulders to resolve conflict peacefully, ” let’s live the legacy of Dr. Kofi Annan, who resolve conflict with force of logic not logic of force.

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