Ja’neh Gets Support From Home

-Nimba Elders Join Forces
-Call Impeachment A Threat
Embattled Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Cllr. Kabineh Ja’neh, has got solid support from home county, Nimba County amid looming impeachment threat from some members of the House of Representatives.
A petition to impeach Justice Ja’neh was filed in recently by two strong members of the House of Representatives, including Acarous Moses Gray of Montserrado County District 8 and Thomas P. Fallahof Montserrado County District 5; they all are members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).
The lawmakers who, perhaps are testing the strength of the law through political maneuvering alleged that Justice Ja’neh “committed a serious official misconduct by engaging in a wanton and unsavory exercise of his judicial discretion far exceeding the bounds of elementary judicial interpretation of issues simply to satisfy his personal ego”.They also want Ja’neh impeached for what they termed as “proved misconduct, gross breach of duty, inability to perform the functions of his office by allegedly not allowing justice to be served where it belongs no matter the status of the party affected.”
The crisis has since drawn the attention of members of the Supreme Courtwhich has also released a stay order on the House’s proceedings in an effort to salvage their colleague from the imminent political peril; the House on the other hand is yet to adhere to the High Court’s demand but members of the court are calling for dialogue with the Legislature.
However, amid this political imbroglio, some elders, women and youth groups in Nimba County have expressed concerns over the situation which they described as “political confusion and national disunity by maneuvering” to impeach a prominent son of the County.
According to a joint statement issued recently in Nimba, the citizens expressed how saddened they are by the actions of the two lawmakers who are seeking the impeachment of the Associate Justice, who according to them, helped to usher in a peaceful political and democratic transition in Liberia.
The group, including some prominent sons and daughters of the county recalled in the statement how human and natural resources of Nimba have contributed immensely and continue to have significant impact on the political and socio-economic development of Liberia.
They on President George Manneh Weah to spearhead the promotion of inclusive political participation of all Liberians, regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or religious belief to trumpet the message of peace, reconciliation and national unification to all parties, adding that it is the primary basis for maintaining law and order and sustaining unity and democracy in the country.
Although the lawmakers who are seeking the impeachment of Associate Justice Ja’neh did not cite any issue that borders on tribal line, the Nimbaians in their statement recalled that Liberia’s “recent history of tribalism, sectionalism, hatred, political confusion and lawlessness culminated into the civil war marked by genocide and untold human suffering.”
Meanwhile, the Ja’neh’s supporters admonished House Speaker, Bhofal Chamber and members of the House of Representatives who are involved with the impeachment process to refrain from such, warning that it does not promote peace, reconciliation, unity and solidarity which, according to them Liberians desperately need to re-reconstruct and develop the country.
“We specifically appeal to the President, as head of state and coordinator of the three branches of our government to use his good offices to persuade members of the House of Representatives to stop the process of impeachment of this illustrious son of Nimba, which is clearly distracting us from the path of nation-building under the pro-poor agenda,” the statement noted.
Those who signed the statement include Dr. Wilfred SeiBoayue; Harry T. Yuan, Sr.; Dr. Alfre A. Kulah; Christiana Dagadu; Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe; Cllr. Roland F. Dahn; Musa H. Bility and Dr. YarsuoWeh-Dorliae.
Others include Madam Alice EndeeBaysah, Dr. David P. Kialain, Madam Margaret V. Korto, Madame Louise Siaway, Mr. Simmons Kidka, Madam Estella Wehyee and Mr. Patrick Paye-Tee.

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