NICOMA Condemns Ja’neh’s Impeachment

-Terms it Unconstitutional
Nimba County Mandingoes Association (NICOMA) has condemned and termed unconstitutional the recent impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh.
According to a press release from the Group’s coordinator on Political Affairs mr. Sidiki A. M. Kromah, NICOMA is an umbrella organization that represents all Nimba County Mandingoes living in and out of the county.He added that it is a dully registered and probated institution organized to foster the unity of Nimba Mandingoes and Non-Mandingoes in and out of Nimba and also to defend and protect the interests of its members residing in and out of the county
TRhe statement said after several meetings attended by a cross section of Nimba citizens, in Nimba and out of Nimba the group concluded that the impeachment proceeding against Justice kabineh Ja’neh masterminded by two CDC Lawmakers Representative Moses Acarious Gray and Thomas Fullah is condemned and unconstitutional and not in the interest of peace in the country.
“We are convinced and have resolved that those behind the unconstitutional impeachment of our son who is a credible personality that have been rendering services to his country will not be left alone.
“We have clearly understood that, the impeachment process is a political plot to unseat our son; hence we cannot and will not accept such witched hunt tactics against us Nimbaians, Mandingoes and the Muslim community in Liberia at large.
“We warn you please stop! This is not a good start for a government. Please protect our young democracy President George Manneh Weah,” pleaded in the press statement.

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