Turkish Foundation Provides Over 100 Cows

-To Less Fortunate Liberians
The Turkish Diyanet Foundation has distributed over hundred Cows to less fortunate Liberians as part of the celebration of Eid al Adha or Abraham Day across the world.
According to the Foundation Coordinator for International Theology Program based in Istanbul, Turkey, the humanitarian gesture was part of the bilateral relations between Turkey and the Government of Liberia
HasanHiseyinYilmaz explained that poor Muslims and Christians families also benefited from the distribution of the cows as part of the humanitarian work of the Turkish Diyanet Foundation to the people of Liberia.Several Mosques across the country also benefited from the slaughtering of the animals for the Eid Al Adha celebration with the meat distributed among community members for the celebration of the festivity.
Mr. Yilmaz said, the goal of the Turkish Diyanet Foundation is to spread goodness across the world and make the poor and orphans happy through their lives.
“We slaughter a sheep for Christian families whose father drown in the ocean, the three orphans and their mother while we also slaughtered a sheep for another poor Muslims family,” Mr. Yilmaz narrated in an interview.
He explained that the Foundation was doing similar program across Africa, including Ghana, Morocco, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Sudan, among others, with a total of over 30,000 cows being slaughtered.
The Foundation Coordinator for International Theology Program added that the humanitarian mission was also part of the Turkish’s President Commitment to spreading peace across the world which is the priority of President RecepTayyipErdogan.
“Our religion is Islam, our religion is peace which say, that we should be power and involve all the times in peace and humanitarian work across the world,” he stated.
The Turkish Diyanet Foundation also distributed various kinds of toys among both Muslims and Christians’ children across Liberia in order to put smiles on their faces for the celebration of festivity of sacrifice in Liberia and promised to be in Liberia next year.
Meanwhile, responding separately, beneficiaries of the Foundation’s gesture lauded the foundation for the distribution and asked Allah for continuous blessing on the group to do more.
The Grand Mufti of Liberia Sheikh AbubakarSumaworo praised the Turkish Diyanet Foundation for always considering Liberia in its humanitarian services across the world.
Mufti Sumaworo explained that the government and people of Liberia will remain grateful to the current leadership of Turkey for its peace and humanitarian mission to underprivileged Liberians.
The Union of Imams and Scholars in Collaboration with the AS Charitable Society received the 100 cows from the Turkish Partner Turkish Diyanet Foundation which is well known for its humanitarian and reliefs projects across the world.
The Representatives of the Turkish Humanitarian foundation arrived in the country few hours to the eid. andworked with the Union of Imams and Scholars and the AS Charitable which was founded by the Grand Mufti of Liberia Sheikh AbubakarSumaworo.

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